Have you ever felt like you want to change your life for the better, but you often find yourself led astray by the negativity and misinformation that surrounds you on a daily basis? Maybe all you need is just one push in the right direction and BOOM! You realize the fire that you have looking for all of your life is now inside you and you're ready to take those first baby steps and eventually become the man/woman you were born to be. Do not fret though, for I will provide the information you seek to become that better person. Maybe the nutritional and fitness information you learn from me will seep into other parts of your lifestyle, and you will find yourself a better person than you ever dreamed of.

Welcome to Solid State Fitness


The Guide to Living Life

Don’t stress getting a girlfriend/settle down in your early twenties. Lifting and living healthy really has the best payoff once you’re past thirty. Most everyone else is on autopilot and can look decent in their early years (especially women) but unhealthy living adds up over the years, and when everyone else is a fat slob you still haven’t reached your prime. It’s all about investing in your future and delayed satisfaction.

Drink alcohol only socially and in moderation. Never fuck around with any hard drugs. They will be a detriment to your life.

>Only borrow money for educational goals and buying or own place to live. Never live above your means.

Travel as much as you can while still young. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Do not be afraid to travel months on end on your own even if you think you’re too socially inept to do so. You’ll met awesome people along the way. Never let fear keep you from exploring, you’ll grow immensely from the experience, and find that most people everywhere are pretty decent.

Only settle for quality women/men. The late bloomers are usually the best. Never stick around the one’s that don’t treat you with respect out of fear of loneliness. Mental health and intelligence is more important than looks long term.

Care about your appearance but never come off as vain. If nothing else but the fact that the rest of the world is shallow and looking good will give you a great advantage. Dress smart even in casual situations.


A couple of days ago I was at my local gym training chest and triceps. I was going as hard as I could and I noticed in the corner of my eye a girl doing squats. Not those bitch squats you see cardio bunnies doing where their ROM is like .0000033344444 of an inch or they’re squatting with BAHBY dumbbells. Nope,  this woman was in the squat rack going full ATG with 225 pounds. I repeat, she was repping 225 pounds. Now, I don’t know about you but that’s pretty admirable for a lady. At the end of the day, it’s always good to see a lady ignore the path of the Cardio Bunny and take up weight lifting in order to improve her lifestyle.

My “Leg Day”

Today I systematically destroyed, smashed, pulverized, annihilated, punished, subdued, and manhandled my glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quads…… AKA leg day went pretty well overall. Now before I post my results for all of you to see… I should tell you that I just started implementing leg day into my routine at the start of the year. Meaning I finally understood the advantages of training ALL of your body parts. My squat strength is absolutely abysmal at the moment… but I fidn myself proud of all the gains I have made. When I first started squatting, I couldn’t even pump out two sets with the BAR before I started feeling something pull in my groin. Bad News Bears right? Basically I kept at it and now my strength has started to improve.

Barbell Squats: 3x10

1: 125lbs x10

2: 135lbs x103: 135lbs x10

Leg Press: 3x10

1: 270lbs x10

2. 360lbs x10

3. 360lbs x10

Hamstring Curl Machine: 3x10

1: 90lbs x10

2: 90lbs x10

3. 90lbs x8

Quad Extension: 3x10

1: 200lbs x10

2: 200lbs x10

3: 200lbs x10

Seated Calf Raises: 3x10

1: 70lbs x20

2: 70lbs x20

3: 70lbs x15

Pretty much after this workout I forgot how to walk… so I did what any pokemon with PP does… I struggled my way to my car and cried myself home.

Really though. I had a great workout and I love legs.